Human Element Working with Industry

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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency's Human Element Team (MCA HE Team) lead a number of industry consultative bodies which keeps us informed of the needs of industry, and ensures that we maintain an effective collaboration with our industry stakeholders. 

Human Element Advisory Group (HEAG) This is a popular group, held on average twice a year, where discussions on a wide range of human element topics and presentations are led by speakers from many parts of industry and academia. Attendance is open to anyone with a genuine interest in human element (HE) issues. This free forum is used to update delegates on HE issues and developments and obtain feedback about issues that are of interest to industry. If you are interested in attending HEAG please contact the Human Element Team.

UK Human Element Development Group (UK HEDG)  the MCA HE Team  launched this high level group in 2016. Comprised of representatives of industry bodies and academia, it functions as a policy advisory and working group. It is intended to act as a high level, industry-wide group that helps to steer UK human element activity and plays an active role in the development of human element initiatives. 

Working with Companies the MCA HE Team is able to offer help and guidance on Human Element tools e.g. Human Element Assessment Tool (HEAT). 

Other Industries the MCA HE Team maintain close working relationships with human element specialists in a wide range of safety critical industries and academia to enable us to bring the latest developments to the maritime industry. 

Human Element, Leadership and Management: The MCA has a strong heritage of maritime leadership and management. We pioneered the Human Element Leadership and Management (HELM) syllabus and course with students coming from all over the world to qualify at many of the UK's world class maritime educational institutions. We are now leading the project to review the HELM syllabus to increase its relevance to the needs of the modern industry, and will be consulting fully with industry during the review.