UK Ship Register Fees

How much does it cost to register a vessel with the UK Ship Register? Our Fee Indicator provides a breakdown of fees for ships that are registered on Part 1 (Commercial) and Part 4 (Bareboat Charter) only.

The indicator provides a minimum cost that you will be expected to pay over a five year period (survey period) either through our current payment methods: pay as you go and rolling accounts, or as an option of a packaged fee, paid annually.

Package Fees

A Package Fee option provides customers with additional choice on how they pay for services that they receive on the UK Flag (alongside the already existing Rolling Account and Pay As You Go options).

A packaged fee can provide greater clarity on costs, facilitating easier accounting and cash flow management for customers over the five-year registration period.  

Survey Options

Enhanced Authorisation Scheme (EAS)

The Enhanced Authorisation Scheme is available to selected non-passenger ships which trade internationally and to which the principal maritime conventions apply.

Shipping companies which are considered eligible under the scheme's criteria will be approached by the UK Ship Register. EAS is a voluntary scheme and companies will be advised which ships are selected and entry to the scheme will be agreed in discussion with the company. 

 Further information is contained in MGN 561(M).


Alternative Compliance Scheme (ACS)

When a ship is registered under this voluntary scheme, it allows the Classification Society to perform all statutory surveys required under SOLAS, MARPOL and Load Line Conventions (with the exception of ISM, MLC and ISPS audits) without a formal 'appointment' by the UK Ship Register. 

This streamlines the survey and certification process by minimising duplication of effort. 

Entry into the scheme is conditional on Port State Control and Class criteria being met. 

To apply to be considered for the Alternative Compliance Scheme, complete MSF 4753.  

Further information is contained in MGN 568 (M).

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