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Bareboat Charter (Part 4) Registration

Part 4 of the register allows vessels currently registered outside the UK to be used for a charter contract, by companies that wish to be UK registered. It lets you fly the Red Ensign for the duration of the charter contract. When the charter duration is over, the vessel will return to its primary register. You will need to provide evidence of the duration of the contract with a signed charter party agreement.

Mortgages cannot be registered against a UK Part 4 registered vessel and any registered mortgages will not show on a UK issued Transcript of Registry. Mortgages would have to be registered with the primary register.

All vessel names need to be unique, please see reserve a vessel name for more details.

The primary register Official Number will remain with the vessel for the duration of the charter contract.

How to get started when applying on behalf of the ship owner

Your first step will be to complete a ship registration pro forma Information required for UK merchant ship registration (MSF 5547), which provides us with the necessary information to check if the ship and the owner are eligible for UK registration.