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UK Ship Register Fees

The UK offers one of the lowest registration fees for an international ship register.

Flexibility of payment options

We offer the flexibility of payment options, such as pay as you go, rolling accounts or packaged fees.

The Packaged Fee option gives customers additional choice on how to pay for services received on the UK Flag. This allows for predictable business planning, clarity on costs, and no hidden annual taxes, all of which facilitate easier accounting and cash flow management for customers over the five-year registration period. 

Fees for commercial vessels

The cost of registering a commercially operating vessel is £153. Our fee calculator provides a breakdown of fees, inclusive of survey costs, for ships that are registered on Part 1 (Merchant) and Part 4 (Bareboat Charter) over a five-year period.

Please note the guidance at the bottom of this page when using the calculator.

Fees for other vessel types

Please note that the fees calculator will not work for the following vessel registration types:

Registering your pleasure vessel on Part 1 of the UK Ship Register costs £153 and last for five years.

Registering your pleasure vessel on Part 3 (Small Ships Register) of the UK Ship Register costs £35 and lasts for five years.

There are two types of fishing vessel registration. Simple registration costs £159 and full registration costs £196.

  • Fees Calculator

  • *EAS – Enhanced Authorisation Scheme
     ACS – Alternative Compliance Scheme
     MCA – MCA undertake Surveys

  • Calculator assumptions

    The fees generated by the calculator are indicative only and are subject to change, depending on the condition of the vessel, area and type of operation, Port State Control history and survey/audit regime applied.

    For more information about fees or to discuss your requirements further, please contact one of our Key Account Managers on

    • New Build Vessel – The fee calculator does not include flag costs incurred during the new-build vessel process.
    • Pre-Flag Inspection – The fee calculator does not include costs for a pre-flag inspection to ascertain the condition of the vessel, prior to being accepted onto the UK Flag.
    • Document of Compliance (DOC) – The fee calculator does not include costs for DOC verifications. The requirement for an annual DOC audit will be subject to an additional cost when undertaken by an MCA surveyor.
    • Exemptions and Temporary Dispensation Letters (TDLs) – The fee calculator does not include these costs. They will be issued by the MCA and the chargeable time will be advised on application.
    • Travel and Accommodation Costs – The fee calculator does not include any travel and accommodation expenses incurred by an MCA surveyor in the performance of audits/inspections. These will be recovered on an actual basis.
    • Flag State Endorsements (FSEs) – The fee calculator includes the provision of up to 10 Flag State Endorsements (FSEs) per annum.
    • Initial Flag State Inspection (FSI) – The fee calculator includes the cost of an Initial Flag State Inspection. This is required to join the Enhanced Authorisation Scheme (EAS) and will be performed within six months of UK registration.
    • Flag State Inspections (FSIs) – The fee calculator includes the costs for a “Standard” risk vessel. While on the Enhanced Authorisation Scheme, the vessel will be subject to FSIs, the frequency of which are determined by the vessel’s risk profile. A vessel will be rated as "Standard" unless stated otherwise.