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Pleasure Vessel Registration (Part 1)

If you own a vessel that you intend to go to sea with, you can register it with the UK Ship Register. Part 1 registration of ships in the UK has been available for many years, however we have electronic records of any vessel registered since 1994, with some earlier records available at local archives.  

Once registered on to Part 1 you will be eligible to fly the Red Ensign, and have a Certificate of Registry that is recognised throughout the world that gives vessel owners peace of mind that they can prove the vessel’s nationality easily. Marine Mortgages can be registered against Part 1 registered vessels, with transcripts of registry being available to show vessel history and if any live mortgages are registered against it. Any vessel owner who meets the UK Ship Register's eligibility criteria can register their vessel no matter where the boat is based.

Pleasure vessel definition

A pleasure vessel (according to legislation) means any vessel which at the time it is being used is:
  • Wholly owned by an individual or individuals and used only for the sport or pleasure of the owner or the immediate family or friends of the owner
  • Or in the case of a vessel owned by a body corporate, used only for sport or pleasure and on which the persons on board are employees or officers of the body corporate, or their immediate family or friends; and on a voyage or excursion that is one for which the owner does not receive money for or in connection with operating the vessel or carrying any person, other than as a contribution to the direct expenses of the operation of the vessel incurred during the voyage or excursion
  • Or any vessel wholly owned by or on behalf of a members club formed for the purpose of sport or pleasure which, at the time it is being used, is used only for the sport or pleasure of members of that club or their immediate family, and for the use of which any charges levied are paid into club funds and applied for the general use of the club