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Managing your Registration Online

With the UK Ship Register online service you can apply to register your vessel, manage your vessel registration and stay up to date with the progress of applications.

If you are applying to the UK Ship Register for the first time, either to reserve a vessel name or for a new vessel registration, you will need create an account to use the service.

Find out more information below about the benefits of managing your vessel registration online, as well as how to ensure your vessel registration is linked to your account through the claim my vessel process.

  • Claim your vessel

  • If your vessel is already registered with the UK Ship Register, you will need to claim your vessel to allow you to manage your vessel registration online. To claim your vessel you will need to create an account first, once your account is created log in to the UK Ship Register online service then select "Add a vessel you own to view vessels", this will link your account with the existing vessel registration record. To allow the Registry to confirm the online link between your account and the vessel, you will need to upload:  

    • Proof of identity 
    • Certificate of Registry 
    • Proof of ownership 

    If your vessel has multiple owners, each owner will need to sign up to use the service. By claiming your vessel or signing up to use UK Ship Register online service you are agreeing to our terms of service as detailed in our privacy notice.

  • Online registration FAQs

  • Claiming your vessel means digitally linking your online UK Ship Register customer account with your vessel’s registration. All registered owners of a current registration only need to do the process once. We would encourage all registered owners to link their account with their registration, as it can expedite applications and offer many benefits in managing a vessel’s registration.

    We want to protect your information and ensure only a vessel owner or appropriate person can access your vessel’s registration details and your information. For this reason, we ask for documents only available to an owner. 

    Your application to claim a vessel is checked by the UK Ship Register. Once approved you will receive an email to confirm your application has been successful. You can then log back into your account, select “view vessels” from the menu found in the centre or the top of the page to see any vessel that you have claimed. A list of vessels you have successfully claimed will be shown here. You can then select “manage” next to the vessel you wish to view and complete any process listed on the right side of the screen.

    Please note, claiming the vessel does not automatically renew the vessel’s registration. To renew, you should log back into your account, select “view vessel”, then select the vessel’s name followed by “renew registration”.  

    Once we have accepted your application to claim a vessel, many processes become paper-free and are accessible 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. For example, when it is time to renew your vessel registration, no paper documents or ink signatures are required, and payment can be made online in one transaction.

    Additionally, once a Certificate of Registry has been issued, you are able to log into your account to view and download the certificate whenever you wish. 

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