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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is the issuing authority for World War 2 and Post-War Medals for people who identify as having served as part of the British Merchant Navy during World War 2 and post-war campaigns.

As part of your service, you must:

You can apply on behalf of someone in your family if they have died or if you have lasting power of attorney

To make an application, you must submit a completed application form and a copy of sea service from an official source, such as the National Archive or a Discharge Book.

Please send your completed application to:

UK Ship Register
Maritime and Coastguard Agency 
Anchor Court 
Keen Road 
CF24 5JW 

Applications are assessed within 31 days, in date order of receipt. After 31 days we will inform you if your application is successful or whether more information is needed.

Historical Information 

The Registry of Shipping and Seaman (RSS) hold limited historical records, mainly:

  • Medal roll for World War 2 and original papers (not complete) of medal applications for the World War 2 period
  • Records of the Falklands campaign
  • A small selection of allied ship pouches from World War 2

Other historical information that was once held by RSS and that may help with research into family history has passed to the National Archives.

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Medal Entitlement of Merchant Navy Seafarer

  • You will need to complete the following:

    1. A personal application form MSF 4408 completed by the veteran, or a Merchant Navy Certificate of Kinship MSF 4502, which are available on request through the RSS Seafarer team at These must be completed by the next of kin if the veteran is deceased.
    2. Evidence of sea service. 

    We may also ask you to supply the corresponding ship movement cards to match the Veteran's sea service details. This request will be made if there is insufficient information in the limited records of area movement cards held on site at RSS to make an assessment.

    You will need to provide evidence as we need to establish how long a veteran was at sea during the war period in question and what their area of operations were to make a full assessment.

    You will need to complete form MSF 4408 which is available on request and send this to the Registry of Shipping and Seamen with all documentation and evidence as specified, at the following address:

    UK Ship Register
    Maritime and Coastguard Agency  
    Anchor Court  
    Keen Road  
    CF24 5JW 

    You can provide this information by:

    1. A seafarer’s discharge book, which shows voyages relevant to the award being applied for
    2. Finding details of voyages that may be held at the National Archives, if the discharge book is no longer available

    See the National Archives website for details on how to research or make enquiries.

    You can make enquiries to find this information in the National Archives in Kew or the Guildhall Library in London.

    Help with your research through the National Archives

    Enquiries service at the Guildhall Library

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