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Advantages of the UK Flag

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Effortless international ship registration, a wide range of integrated services and 24-hour support. 

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UK Ship Register Eligibility

Find out if you meet the requirements to register a vessel on the UK Ship Register.

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  • Fee Calculator

    Provides an indication of fees that are applicable to vessels registering on the UK Ship Register. Find out how much it costs and what you can expect to pay here.

  • Testimonials

    Read client testimonials about their experience of being on the UK Flag and the service that they have received.


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Merchant Vessel Registration

A merchant vessel is any vessel that is commercially operated. Check what necessary information is required for all services relating to merchant vessels on Part 1 of the register.

Merchant Vessel Registration
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Fishing Vessel Registration

A fishing vessel is a boat used to catch sea fish for profit, even if it is only used occasionally. Find out more information on Part 2 of the register, what documents are required and the services available.

Fishing Vessel Registration
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Small Ships Register

You can apply to register your vessel, manage your vessel registration, stay up to date with your applications and more with the UK Ship Register. Requirements and the process to do so will vary depending on the type of vessel you have.

Small Ships Registration
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Reserve a Vessel Name

Vessel names on Part 1 and Part 4 of the register should be unique. Find all you need to know about reserving a vessel name.

Reserving a vessel name

Contact the UK Ship Register

View our contact details or send us a general enquiry on any aspect of the UK Ship Register and our work.