Official Log Books

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Official Log Books

The Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (s.77) (MSA 1995) requires an Official Log Book to be carried on UK flagged ships, except for: 

  • a ship belonging to a general lighthouse authority; 
  • a ship of less than 25 gross tons; or 
  • a pleasure yacht

The Merchant Shipping (Official Log Books) Regulations 1981 specify the particulars to be entered in official log books or annexes to them; the persons who should make, sign and witness such entries; the manner; the time of making them and the provision for their amendment or cancellation; and the manner, times and circumstances for the production and delivery of official log books to the appropriate superintendent or proper officer. The official log book contains pages for each type of entry required which ensures that the entries are completed in a way which complies with the regulations. 

At present Official Logbooks are provided free of charge to UK registered vessels.

These can be ordered by email from EC Group at

Further information is available through Statutory Instruments (Official Log Books) Regulations.