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Updates made to the post-training survey for seafarers

Posted inSeafarerbyYasmin Talbot

In 2021, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Maritime and Security requested a Seafarer Cadet Training Review which involved feedback from a range of industry stakeholders. As part of the review a number of recommendations were made to improve cadet training and ensure that cadets have the required skills to support them in their careers.  

One of the suggested improvements was to enable seafarers to provide feedback on training providers. In response, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has added a new training provider section to the existing feedback survey that all seafarers are asked to fill out after completing their oral exams. The new section of the survey was developed with input from training providers and those within the maritime industry.  

The new enhanced survey, which was launched on 25 March, has given seafarers the opportunity to provide feedback on all elements of the training experience, including a review of their training providers.  

The aim is for MCA to be more responsive to seafarer feedback and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, enhancing the quality of the training and the overall learning experience. Supporting continued improvement across all areas of training including short courses, long courses and the seagoing service.  

The MCA will use the feedback received to inform the regular training provider audits, which are carried out by the MCA to ensure that standards are maintained.  

Read what MCA Chief Examiner, Ajit Jacob said about the updated post-training survey on the GOV.UK press release.