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Newbuild Projects and Innovation

A culture of innovation is embedded within the maritime sector, driving the industry to constantly challenge existing norms, create new technology and drive progress.

LYS welcome the opportunity to work with naval architects, designers and shipyards to ensure that innovation can progress within the boundaries of regulatory compliance guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and environmental protection.

A Lead Surveyor is assigned to a build project to provide continuity with the customer, fully supported by the LYS team, the MCA and the UK Government.

On satisfactory completion of the build, LYS will issue a Letter of Compliance stating that the yacht complies with the requirements of the REG Yacht Code. If the owner chooses to register with the UK Ship Register, LYS will issue a Certificate of Compliance. Other flag administrations can accept a Letter of Compliance as satisfactory evidence and issue full certification. 

Whether a yacht is commercially or privately registered, a Letter of Compliance from LYS provides evidence that the yacht has been built to the highest standards and can be accurately referred to as being MCA-compliant.


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