Change of Vessel Details

Changing tonnage or dimension

To register a change of tonnage or dimension we require a signed letter from the registered owner on headed paper and the revised UK certificate of survey for tonnage and measurement that reflects the changes.

The letter will need to state the vessel name and official number and written confirmation of the changes


Changing vessel type to pleasure or commercial

To change your Part 1 registered vessel from Pleasure to Commercial, we require a new Declaration of Eligibility to be submitted with the merchant box completed. If the vessel is less than 24m in length we require a valid coding/safety certificate to be submitted, or if the vessel is greater than 24m we may require a copy of the vessels ITC69.

To change the vessel type from Commercial to Pleasure we require a completed Declaration of Eligibility with the Pleasure section completed, we may also require additional title evidence to be submitted.

Once the correct documents for either change have been received we will issue a new Certificate of British Registry to reflect the new vessel type, we therefore require the current Certificate of British Registry to be returned to us with 14 days of receipt of the updated Certificate.