Registration Renewal

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If you have received a reminder to renew your vessel registration you can do this online, provided you follow the claim your vessel process first.

All registered owners will need to create an account and claim the vessel before any changes can be made.

Claiming a vessel is free of charge and enables you to make changes and easily renew your registration online.

Once your application to claim has been successful you will be able to renew your vessel online. Depending on your vessel type you may be required to provide additional information such as certificates of survey or safety.

You can only renew a vessel if you have already been the registered owner with the UK Ship Register.

If you have recently purchased the vessel and are not the registered owner on the UKSR you must contact the registry to complete a transfer of ownership.

The renewal fee depends on which part of the registry your vessel is with. 

Once you have renewed your registration your certificate will be valid for a further five years from the date of renewal.

For Small Ships Register, please click here for more information.

You can pay online for your renewal:

Part 1 and 4 Merchant and Pleasure -

Part 2 Fishing -

Part 3 Small Ships -

Before you renew your registration with the Small Ships Register Part III, you and all registered owners will have to claim your vessel before you can proceed.

Watch this short and simple video,  where we provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create an online account, what documentation you will need to claim your vessel and how to complete the process.

Ready to renew your small ships register registration? In this short and simple video below, we provide you with step-by-step instructions on how renew, what documentation you will need upload and whether you are still eligible to renew your vessel and how to complete the process easily online.

Renewing only costs £35 and will last 5 years. You can even complete your registration early and it will be renewed from the current expiry date.

Remember that the SSR Part III is for pleasure vessels under 24m, such as a sailing yacht, motorboat, or jet ski in the UK which you intend to use for personal use only.

Watch our video now and when you are ready to begin head to to start the renewal process.

If you do not want to renew

You do not need to do anything. We will stop the registration automatically when it runs out. If you no longer own this vessel, please contact the registry to let us know.