Maritime Security

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Maritime Security

Ship Security Assessment (SSA) and Ship Security Plan (SSP)

For each ship, the Company Security Officer (CSO) must submit a Ship Security Assessment (SSA) and Ship Security Plan (SSP) before the planned interim verification.  We will require contact details of your Company Security Officer (CSO) to send the relevant forms and instructions by secure email.


Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

The Company must arrange for the SSAS to be programmed so that in case of activation after the flag-in process is completed, a covert ship security alert is sent to the first responder(s) appointed by the Company and to the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC).


Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

Changes to the CSR will be managed by your CAM.

Please submit completed CSR Amendment Form 2 to your CAM who will arrange issue of the new CSR.


Certification Requirements for Company Security Officers and Ship Security Officers

The Company Security Officer and Ship Security Officers must be trained and hold appropriate certification issued under the authority of the MCA or any flag State Administration as per MSC.1/Circ.1163.