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Completing a Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

The Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) is a form of logbook that stays with the ship for its whole life and records all changes of owner, flag, name, Class, ISM Manager etc. The ship must keep its copy of the whole CSR onboard even when it transfers to another flag state, is sold to another owner, is taken over by another bareboat charter, or another company assumes the responsibility of the ship operation.  

A CSR must be maintained for:

  • Passenger ships on international voyages
  • Cargo ships of 500 GT and above on international voyages
  • Class A passenger ships operating domestic services within UK waters

The master is responsible for the proper upkeep of the CSR onboard UK ships. It’s important that the details are always correct as Port State Control will check the CSR during inspections. The original CSR documents must not be modified, deleted, erased or defaced in any way. 

The CSR comprises three parts, which should be kept together in the ship's CSR file:

Form 1: This is the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) issued by the MCA. It provides the latest up to date record of ship’s details.

Form 2 (MSF 5623 C): Amendments to the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) document number. This is the application to amend a Form 1 (CSR).

Form 3 (MSF 5623 C): Index of Amendments to Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR). This is record of applications made to amend the latest version of Form 1.  Form 3 applies to the current Form 1, not to the entire CSR history.  

The relevant forms can be found on GOV.UK.

Document 1 (MSF 5623 D): This is the application to apply for a ship’s first CSR and should be kept with CSR1.

Applying for a new form 1 (CSR)

New build ships registering with the UK Ship Register applying for a ship’s first CSR.  

Ships flagging to the UK Ship Register

  • Please use application for Amendments to the Continuous Synopsis
  • Record (MSF 5623 C – Form 2 GOV.UK) to apply for amendments to your ship’s CSR
  • Complete Form 2 and email it to UKSR at
  • Ensure that you have submitted a CSR Form 2 to your previous Flag Administration so they can issue their final CSR document
  • Whilst the ship is on the UK Flag, the Registry of Shipping and Seaman (RSS) holds a copy of the ships’ entire CSR history record. There can be delays in receiving the ship’s CSR file from the losing Flag Administration. It would be helpful, if when flagging in, the ship could provide us with a full copy of its CSR file (please keep the originals onboard).

Requesting amendments to the current form 1 

Existing ships on the UK Ship Register with changing details:

  • If any data entered in the current CSR Form 1 requires amending, you will need to fill in the changes on Form 2 and Form 3 GOV.UK
  • Please detail the changes and mark all those boxes that are “not changing” with “N/C”
  • Attach the original forms to the latest CSR Form 1 on the ship and email a copy of Form 2 to UKSR at

UKSR will issue a new CSR Form 1 with the next consecutive number. If appropriate, a gap will be left in the numbering to allow the losing Flag Administration’s closing CSR to be inserted.  

In all cases, please check your new CSR carefully to make sure it is correct and that all the requested amendments have been completed. If not, please contact RSS who can arrange for the CSR to be amended and re-issued.  

If you find that there are amendments required which were not previously notified to RSS, you should begin the process again by completing a new Form 2 and Form 3.  

Leaving the UK Ship Register

Please notify UKSR of the name of the new Flag Administration and the date of the change, by completing boxes 1, 15 and 16 on Form 2 on GOV.UK, to apply for a closing CSR.

Lost documents

If, for any reason, the ship’s CSR records are lost or damaged it is essential that they are restored as quickly as possible to avoid potential delays to the ship’s voyage. Contact UKSR at who will provide signed and stamped duplicates. Please note that there will be a charge for this service.