Large Yacht

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Large Yacht

A merchant vessel is a commercial vessel that is operating to make a profit and can range from a Large Yacht that is used for chartering, workboats, tugs to large cargo ships and passenger vessels.

Each vessel type under 24m load line length will require a coding certificate that proves the vessel is fit to operate commercially. An inland waterways certificate or Port of London Authority license will also be accepted in place of a coding certificate.

The only exception is a large yacht over 24m loadline length which will require a large yacht services certificate.

Application to Register

Declaration of Eligibility

Bill of Sale (for existing ships)

Builders Certificate (for new builds)

Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (if owner is a body corporate)

Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement

International Tonnage Certificate (ITC69) - (for vessels >500 GT)

Deletion certificate or transcript from the current register or a written undertaking to provide one within six weeks

A copy of the ships current Continuous Synopsis Record. To advise changes to current Record complete Amendment Form

Mortgage Registration Forms MSF 4736, MSF 4737 and MSF 4739