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Change of Ownership for Large Yachts

If a large yacht is currently registered with the UK Ship Register, but is changing ownership due to being sold, purchased or inherited, the register needs to be updated. To continue the UK registration of the vessel, the new owners should follow the below guidance.

Documents required for a large yacht change of ownership

  • Declaration of Eligibility MSF 4727
  • MCA Bill of Sale to the new owner MSF 4705
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (if the owner is a body corporate)
  • A copy of the valid Code Certificate or appropriate safety Certificate (for vessels under over 24m)
  • Large Yacht Certificate (for commercially operating yachts greater than 24 metres)
  • Copy of the Ships Radio licence with licence holder, applications to be made via Ofcom
  • Copy of the ship’s current Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) and completed CSR amendment form 2 (for vessels over 500 GT)
  • Civil liability Certification (CLC), when you receive the P&I “Blue Cards”, apply for the Certificates through the online UK Ship Register service
  • Safe Manning document, apply via the following link Safe Manning
  • Payment of £105 for five years

Please note that you will need to print off and sign any documents, as we cannot accept digital signatures.

If a registered owner has passed away, we may require probate as confirmation of who can transfer ownership of the vessel.

  • Where to send your documents

  • Please note that any documents used to support your application for large yacht change of ownership (Part 1), if not in English, must be accompanied by a notarised translation.

    You can email these documents to

    Contact us +44 (0)20 3908 5200 if you need any more information.