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The UK Ship Register allows Part 1 registered vessels to bareboat out to approved, eligible ship registries. This is available for vessels registered on Part 1 of the UK Ship Register to be used for a charter contract by companies who wish to suspend the UK registration and fly an approved, non-UK Flag for the duration of the charter. When the charter duration is completed, the vessel will return to the UK Ship Register.

Documents needed for bareboat out charter (Part 1) registration:

  • Application for Bareboat Out MSF 4756
  • Bareboat Charter Party Agreement
  • Letter of consent from the Bareboat Charter-In Registry accepting the ship for registration
  • Registered owner’s consent to allow the bareboat charter-out. This must be on headed paper
  • Consent from Mortgagee (if applicable) this will need to be on headed paper and will have to identify the mortgage priority in question
  • Copy of the ship’s current Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) and completed CSR amendment form 2 (for vessels over 500 Gross Tonnage)
  • Online payment of £153 registration fee via GOV.UK secure payment link (up to a maximum of five years)

Once the documentation is received, a Marks Removal Note will be issued. This will need to be signed by either the owner or charterer to confirm the vessel is no longer marked with a UK Port of choice.

The completed Marks Removal Note will need to be returned to and a Certificate of Permission can then be issued. The Certificate of Permission is the UK Ship Register’s confirmation that the UK registration has been suspended and permission is given for the vessel to be bareboat registered with another, approved ship registry.

Please note that any documents used to support your application for Merchant Vessel (Part 4) Registration, if not in English, must be accompanied by a notarised translation.

  • Where to send your documents

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