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Registering a Leisure Vessel (Part 1)

For a first time registration on the UK Ship register the following documents will need to be submitted:

Application to register 

Registration fee

Declaration of eligibility 

Certificate of incorporation (if applicable)

Bill of Sale or Builders Certificate

Five years title evidence is required to register a pleasure vessel. A vessel that is under five years old will require title from the builders certificate to the current bill of sale.

All new registrations regardless of the size of the vessel will require a UK certificate of survey for tonnage and measurement issued with a 12 month period of the application to register. The survey must be completed by a surveyor from a class/certifying authority.

UK ITC 69 - is required for all new registrations for vessel over 24m load line/registered length. The ITC must be completed by a surveyor from either the MCA or a Recognised Organisation (ship inspection and survey organisation) listed in MSN 1672.

Once the application has been approved, the Carving and Marking note will be issued, which will confirm the correct markings for the vessel. The Carving and Marking note will need to be completed by the owner of the vessel or if the vessel is 24m or more in length a recognised surveyor will need to sign, date and stamp the document. 


Small Ships Register (Part 3)

The Small Ships Register (SSR) provides a simple form of non-title registration for eligible UK residents who own pleasure vessels that are less than 24 metres in overall length. 

To find out more about registering your pleasure vessel click here.

Our new online registration system has launched for new registrations, follow the link below. Users will be required to set up a new account to access the system. 


For renewals or changing details of a vessel, please email UKSR@mcga.gov.uk directly.

CLICK HERE to join the register. You'll need to create an account to use the new online system.