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Small Ships Register Change of Details (Part 3)

You can change personal and vessel details either through your online UK Ship Register account or by emailing us. Depending on the changes, you may need to send us supporting documents and/or pay a fee.

Changing small ship details online

If you have completed your vessel registration using the online UK Ship Register service, or have claimed your vessel, you can log in to change your vessel and personal details through the UK Ship Register online service.

If you have not already set up an online account and claimed your vessel, you will need to do this. For more information, please see our guidance on managing your registration online.

Some changes of details are free of charge, others may require a new Certificate of Registry to be created and will incur a fee. If you are changing details through your online account, you can pay any fees as part of the process.

The type of changes that can be made, supporting documentation and charges (as applicable) are listed below:

Costs for a change of personal details

  • Update an email address - free
  • Update a contact telephone number - free
  • Update an address – free
  • An owner has changed their name* – please provide an official document, such as marriage certificate or deed poll document. These can be uploaded as part of the application within the owner’s online account – £35

*Please note that changing a registered owner’s name is not the same as a different person becoming a registered owner of a vessel. If the ownership of the vessel has changed, such as being sold to a new owner, an owner wishes to add another person to the registration, inheritance or other acquisition of a vessel has occurred, please see our Small Ships Register change of ownership guidance.

Costs for a change of vessel details

  • Vessel name - £35
  • Vessel measurements - £35

Changing small ship details by email

You can also let us know that you wish to change any details listed above by emailing

You will need to provide supporting documents and proof of payment of the fee for any details being changed that require a new Certificate of Registry to be provided. 

You will also need to make an online payment of £35 via GOV.UK secure payment link (for five year period).

For additional information or queries, please contact us on +44 (0)20 3908 5200.