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Change of Engine of a Fishing Vessel (Part 2)

Owners must declare the maximum continuous engine or permanently de-rated engine power (MCEP) when registering or re-registering a UK fishing vessel with the UK Ship Register. Any changes to vessel engines or engine KW power will need to be recorded by the UK Ship Register and correct, current Engine information shown on the Certificate of Registry. See MGN 435 for further information.

A change of any vessel detail may affect your fishing licence. Contact the Marine Management Organisation for guidance.

To change your vessel engine or engine details

If you have completed your vessel registration using the online service or have claimed your vessel and created an online account, you can log in to change your vessels engine details using the UK Ship Register online service.

If you have not already claimed your vessel, you will need to create an account for the online service.

To change your vessel's engine or decrease (de-rate) an engine's power we will need supporting documentation to be included and fees to be paid.

If using the UK Ship Register online service to change to a different engine:

  • Please change vessel details and upload a copy of receipt or invoice for the engine

The invoice must show full engine details including engine power, engine maker, engine model, proof of full payment and linked to the vessel or the vessel owner.

Registration fee - which can be paid via one of the following links:

  • £53 for standard service
  • £153 for premium service

Decrease current engine KW power (de-rate)

  • De-rating certificate confirming the make, model of the engine and power before and after de-rating in KW, method used and confirmation that the de-rating has been made permanent and tamper proof. This should be issued by a competent person or company, see MGN 435 3.2
  • Signed letter from the owner confirming the de-rating
  • Registration fee - which can be paid via one of the following links:
    • £53 for standard service 
    • £153 for premium service

Any de-rating over 25% will need to be approved by an MCA Policy Manager.

What to do if you do not use the online service

For engine changes not using the UK Ship Register service online, you can send documents or copies of documents by email or post to the following addresses. Please include a covering letter setting out the changes. It should include:

  • The vessel name
  • Official Number
  • The signature and name of the owner of the vessel
  • Confirmation you have paid the registration fee, which can be paid via one of the following links:
    • £53 for standard service
    • £153 for premium service
  • Where to send your documents

  • Email your documents to us at

    Post documents to us at:

    UK Ship Register 
    Maritime and Coastguard Agency
    Anchor Court
    Keen Road 
    CF24 5JW

    Contact us by phone on +44 (0)20 3908 5200.