New Registration

New Registration of a Fishing Vessel

For a first time registration on the UK Ship Register the following documents must be submitted:

Application to register 

Registration fee

Declaration of eligibility 

Three years title proof of ownership by means of original bills of sale and/or builders certificate

Certificate of measurement issued by a class society, (provide link to fishing class list) the blank form to be completed by the surveyor will be issued alongside the carving and marking note

 ITC 1969 (for vessels 24 metres and over) 

Seafish Inspection report - All vessels registering for the first time or for vessels that have been previously registered and whose registration has been closed for over six months must provide a Seafish report prior to registration.

UK Fishing vessel certificate (UKFVC) – Over 15m vessels. The issue of a UKFVC is the culmination of a satisfactory survey of a fishing vessel and the issue presentation of relevant documentation by the Fishing Vessel Surveyor. The type of surveys are regulated by two main factors:

MSF1606 inspection for under 15m vessel. The certificate must be in the name of the new owner for a certificate of registry to be issued.


A new build of 7m length over all to 15m will require a Hull construction certificate and outfit compliance certificate. 

A new build under 7m length over all only a hull construction certificate is required. 

A vessel build since April 2001, but not a new build and under 15m length over all will require a declaration of inspection certificate. 

A vessel build prior to 2001 that is under 15m length over all will require a Flag in survey report 

A new vessel under 15m with a builder on the MCA recognised list will enable the carving and marking note to be issued with only the hull construction. The outfit compliance certificate can be submitted to complete the registration. 

Over 15m vessels there is no requirement for a Seafish inspection. In its place the MCA principal surveyor will need to provide written confirmation that the registry can process the registration.

You will need to contact Seafish to have a quote provided.