Change of Engine/Engine De-Ration of a Fishing Vessel

To register a change of engine please send a signed letter on headed paper from the owner confirming the change of engine details and a receipt or invoice for the engine to include proof of payment in full and engine make, model and power.

A specification sheet from the engine manufacturer to be provided to confirm the engine can run at the power declared.

A Maximum Continuous Engine Power (MCEP) checklist issued by your local MCA Marine Office can be provided in place of a receipt or invoice.

To register a de-ration for an engine, you will need to submit the following: 

  • De-ration certificate confirming the make, model of the engine and power before and after de-ration in KW, method used and confirmation that the de-ration has been made permanent and tamper proof
  • Signed letter from the owner confirming the de-ration
  • Registration fee

Any de-ration over 25% will need to be approved my an MCA Policy Manager.